Areas of Focus:

  • Self study completion with minimum time through use of templates/approved forms.
  • Mock survey to include campus visit, interviews with administration, staff, and students, faculties tour, and exit report with follow up.
  • Written improvement plans for achieving compliance with sample approved templates, forms, and processes.
  • Training for faculty on resources and classroom/simulated lab exercises delivery.
  • Faculty understanding of standards through curriculum design and crosswalk to goals and curriculum.
  • Q/A processes to include achievement of program goals and outcomes through policy and procedures and corrective actions.

In addition to initial accreditation support, we can also provide:

  • ASHP, ARC/STSA, and ABHES compliant curriculum development
  • Standards Interpretation Instructional Resources and Training
  • Course objectives mapping to standars, lesson plans, clinical competencies, and tools for tracking
  • Classroom management and training, rubrices for simulated lab exercises
  • Quality improvement processes for achievement of program outcomes such as pass rates, placement, and retention.
  • FREE student memebership for national pharmacy technician organization